Machinarium © 2012 Jerome. All rights reserved.

If you’ve played Samorost 1 or 2, then you already know, to some extent, what to expect from Amanita Design. In Samorost 1 and 2, Amanita used a combination of photography and cute animated characters to create a collage-like fantasy … Continue reading


The colourful world of the Bastion © 2011 Jerome. All rights reserved.

I recently received a text message from a close friend saying: ‘Dude! Did you play Bastion? ‘The name rang a bell somewhere, but being very busy at the time, I couldn’t recall what it was. So, the next morning I … Continue reading

The Bridge

TheBridgeScreenshot11 © 2011 Jerome. All rights reserved.

The Bridge really started out as an aid in Ty Taylor’s university research project. Mario Castaneda eventually joined forces with hi mto wrap up his art-minor, and together they continued working on the game to turnit into a full fledged … Continue reading