The Bridge

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The Bridge really started out as an aid in Ty Taylor’s university research project. Mario Castaneda eventually joined forces with hi mto wrap up his art-minor, and together they continued working on the game to turnit into a full fledged piece of art.

Tilt buttons

The Bridge cannot go unnoticed duet o its wondrous style. The apple tree, the house… pretty much everything is portrait in a sort of art book sketch style. The game starts off with the sound of… snoring. You are asleep, and the only way to wake up your persona is to tilt the screen until a Newtonian apple drops from the apple tree unto the sleepyhead. By using the Q and E buttons, you can manipulate the screen to tilt, or rather rotate it, clockwise or counter clockwise. Doing so, the apple falls, and…  “Pop”, your character is awake. Very cool concept! While walking home, you are surrounded by floating strings of poetry (the actual thoughts your character is having). Once you arrive at your house, you can enter a door way and be on your way to solve the game’s first puzzles.

That Dutch artist

Only after encountering the first puzzle di dit struck me. Everything kind of looks like a spinoff od the Dutch artist M.C.Escher. Escher used mathematical principles to turn his seemingly 3d images into something of a paradox that could never exist in the real world. You find these very same structures in The Bridge. At first it seems like it is impossible to navigate them to reach your goals, until you start to tilt the screen and realise that the ceiling is a perfectly fine floor to walk on as well. A typical Escher structure, and there were quite some more of those. Dare I say, many? Different gravitational points, parallel worlds, they are all there. Thankfully all wonderfully integrated into the game, and I’m not going to spoil it for you, because there is so much more!


It is a very nice concept : To wander through sketches that seem so Escheresque. I sometimes even got the feeling that I was travelling through Escher’s thoughts. The music, that sort of floats softly in the background, fits the mysterious atmosphere perfectly. In my humble opinion, Hypercube Games succeeded in making a most excellent puzzle platformer with an original inspiration source. Here’s a freely translated Escher quote: “Another lifetime could be filled with all the drawing that I’d like to do.” Well, it seems that Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda just gave him a head start ;)

Check out the trailer at:


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  1. Roos

    The graphics look really great!

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